AS GUESTS ARRIVE & HORS D' OEUVRES: Soft Jazz mixed in with some R&B background music.


AS BRIDE & GROOM ARRIVE: I will greet the Wedding Party and line them up according to your agenda. Then I will introduce the wedding party along with the Newly Weds.


DINNER: Weather its a sit down dinner or buffet, we will continue playing soft, background music mixed in with a more upbeat tempo.


TOAST: There are 3 options on this one; Before, during or after dinner. I prefer during dinner. We have a cordless Mic that can be used at the main table.


THE FIRST DANCE: This is the most memorable time of the night. I will ask all guests to please have a seat as I invite the Newly Weds out for their first dance. Optional dances follow; Father/Daughter, Son/Mother, Bridal Party.


GENERAL DANCING This is a perfect time to get your guests involved as the Bridal party is still dancing. A 20-30 minute dance set will follow with the music format we setup.


CUT OF THE CAKE: After teasing your guests with a great dance set, we take a little break and share the special Cake Cutting with a memorable song in background.


GENERAL DANCING: Now we start heating up the floor with some hits from all varieties of music. This is where we get a sense of what's hot and what's not.


PERFECT TIME FOR MONEY DANCE: We will invite your family & friends to come and join the Newly Weds and show their love. (Don't forget to have someone in charge of the pins)


BOUQUET AND GARTER TOSS: A chance for all your single girls to catch your bouquet and of course, The grooms boys turn to catch that garter. with great songs for both parties.



Here's where we take the Wedding celebration up to another level by playing all the Top Hits and invite everyone out to have fun.


LAST SONG: This can be a song that you picked out or I can play a favorite. A perfect way to end  a fabulous night of celebration that your friends, family & Especially you, will remember forever.




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